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Devdatt Yadav

Hello Friends,
Devdatt Yadav
I am Devdatt Yadav, a Teacher in Praimary Education Department from Rajasthan. www.ccerajasthan.info is my web portal for educational purpose to provide a support to Teachers and students. In this website you may find Creative Updates, Educational articles,Educationl Quizzes, Questions and answers, General News updates. I am sure it will be very beneficial for Primary Teachers and others.
I think you like www.ccerajasthan.info What I need from you as support … that is – provide your suggestions and if possible your write ups. I need your support to spread our message. You may share our website at Social media like Facebook, twitter etc.

You may contact us any time by email, phone or facebook, Google+ and Whatsapp.

कदम चूम लेती है आकर के मंजिल,
मुसाफिर अगर हिम्मत न हारे |

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Devdatt Yadav
Phone : +91 9414803976
Email : devdatt1991@gmail.com
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